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PIVOT PanaVise 809FB Suction Cup

Product Details

PIVOT PanaVise 809FB Suction Cup
Manufacturer: PIVOT
Availability: Call or email for availability
Our price: $37.95

The PanaVise 809 Suction Cup Mount has been tested and approved for use by the FAA. The dual mode suction cup provides exceptional holding power and will secure your PIVOT case in just about any operational environment. The 809 is just one example of many different mounting options for your PIVOT case. The more locations you use your PIVOT, the more efficiency you will get from your device.

The 809-FB is particularly handy in aircraft, as well as for use in vehicles. Glass-topped desks with the 809-FB make your PIVOT blend right into your workflow at the office. Other accessories such as the Weighted Base or the Dash Mat make it even more useful. Also, for longer reaches, try the 3 inch extension.

More to follow on this, but the 809-FB is the top way to get your PIVOT operating to its fullest potential while mounted.

*Question: "Why would I buy the 809-FB and not want the PPK-1 with it?"

We seem to get this a lot, but there is a great reason for why we sell it "a la carte." The PIVOT case depends on flexibility and multi-location mounting options. Not everyone NEEDS the PPK-1 with every mount. They may already have purchased a 5 pack, or their company has issued them. Or it may be a replacement mount and a PPK-1 from the original mount is going into it.