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Hasselblad Macro Converter H

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Hasselblad Macro Converter H
Manufacturer: Hasselblad
SKU H-3023720
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Our price: $1495.00
The Hasselblad Macro Converter for H Lenses is designed to improve the close focusing range of Hassleblad H series wide angle lenses. It is specifically compatible with the HC 50-II 50mm f/3.5 lens but will work on all H series lenses except the HCD 35-90mm and the HC 50-110mm zoom lenses. The converter mounts between the camera body and the lens and provides a clear, close-up image. The close range of the lens is similar to that of a 6.5mm extension tube but because the converter has a lens system comprised of 3 elements in 2 groups it will give a clear, noticeably better performance with no light loss.