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Hasselblad HCD Lens 24mm F/4.8 (EnhEU)

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Hasselblad HCD Lens 24mm F/4.8 (EnhEU)
Manufacturer: Hasselblad
SKU H-3026024
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An impressive wide-angle lens for the H system, the Hasselblad HCD 24mm f/4.8 is an ideal optic for interior and architectural subjects, and features an improved shutter unit that provides shutter speeds up to 1/2000 sec as well as flash sync at all speeds. Featuring a complex optical design, this 104° angle of view lens maintains a high degree of sharpness and clarity from edge-to-edge and also employs a retro focusing design for consistent quality throughout the focusing range from 1.3' to infinity. This focusing mechanism also offers quick performance as well as full-time MF override for greater control over focus. Due to the ultra-wide-angle perspective, a pair of oversized filter adapters is also included with this lens to permit the use of screw-in filters while avoiding the likelihood of vignetting.