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Hasselblad CF Lens Adapter

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Hasselblad CF Lens Adapter
Manufacturer: Hasselblad
SKU H-3043500
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Our price: $1645.00
The CF adapter allows all lenses from the V-system to be used on H-system camera bodies. This automatically expands the potential lens range for H cameras by more than a dozen different focal lengths.

This is a truly useful accessory for professional photographers who need occasional access to specific lenses not used in their everyday work.

The automatic focusing system in the H camera can be used as a guide for manual focus setting. Light is measured at full aperture with all lenses which produces aperture and shutter speed information display in the camera for manual setting.

With CFE lenses, however, a preset aperture is automatically transferred to the camera. Shutter cocking is manual with all lenses and is swiftly carried out by an easily accessible lever.