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Hasselblad Battery Charging Hub (for X System)

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Hasselblad Battery Charging Hub (for X System)
Manufacturer: Hasselblad
SKU CP.HB.00000392.01
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Our price: $155.00
The 2-bay Battery Charging Hub for X System from Hasselblad supports the current 3400mAh batteries. It charges a single battery in two hours and 18 minutes and two cells charge in two hours and 48 minutes. The charging hub is also compatible with first generation X System 3200mAh batteries that will charge in approximately three hours. When the cells are fully charged, the hub will announce an audible chime. Additionally, the charger supplies power to the batteries from power banks through its USB Type-C connector or via its included power supply. During the charging process, the front LEDs indicate the status and capacity of the batteries.