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Claw Mount for PIVOT

Product Details

Claw Mount for PIVOT
Manufacturer: PIVOT
Availability: Call or email for availability
Our price: $59.95

A new versatile mounting option for PIVOT Cases. The RAM Claw (Medium size) is the perfect solution for easily removable mounting setups without using a suction cup.
Versatile in what it can grab ahold of, the RAM Claw has the following clamping ranges:

  • Rail/Tube Surfaces: 1" to 1.875" (Best for Piper Aircraft. Not compatible with Cessna Yoke Rod.)
  • Flat Surfaces: 0" to 1.6"

Parts Included:

RAM Medium Tough-Claw with 1" Diameter Rubber Ball (RAP-B-404U)

  • RAM Double Socket Arm for 1" Balls (RAM-B-201U)
  • PPK to 1" RAM Aluminum Dogbone Adapter
  • PPK-1 Mounting Plate